Services & Projects

Services & Projects


  • Quantity Surveying
  • Re-Measurement of Building Works
  • Bills of Quantities
  • Tender packages
  • Budget/ Cash Flow Analysis
  • Cost Estimations
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction:Programming/ Scheduling
  • Final Accounts
  • Project Management
  • Private Dwellings
  • Residential & Commercial Developments
  • Civil Engineering
  • Planning Applications for Residential, Industrial and Commercial Properties
  • House Surveys
  • Snag Lists
  • Schedule of Condition Reports
  • Insurance Claims/Fire Damage

Expert Witness Services:

Our Principle, Mr. Basil Conroy B.Sc (surv) Hons, Dip. Con Econ, FRICS FSCSI is currently on the SCSI Presidents Panel of Expert Witnesses for legal dispute resolution (refer SCSI website) .

Basil Conroy & Company has enormous experience in Legal dispute resolution and the preparation of Evidence to facilitate the Court Processes.
BC & Co. also provide services in connection with all of the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) options, be they Arbitration, Conciliation, Expert Determination or indeed Mediation.
This office can examine and quickly identify what the core issues in a dispute involve and give expert advice on the best proposed route to take in resolving the dispute for all parties concerned. We are particularly adept in briefing Senior Council as to the core contractual issues and figures involved.
We will also determine our Clients rights and indeed obligations in the case, the strengths and weaknesses of the situation and what strategy to adopt in pursuing the case through legal channels.

We have provided this expertise internationally with a recent case in the Middle East.

This office would be glad to meet any prospective Client who is facing a Construction Industry Dispute (Whether Plaintive or Defendant) and advise free of charge (for the first meeting) what the best course of action should be.

Building Condition Reports:

BC & Co. have 26 years experience in the inspection and reporting on the condition of buildings, both new and old.
Hundreds of Clients down the years have availed of our expertise in this discipline.
We can assess the repairs and defects in a building and advise fully on the measures to be adopted in rectifying all problems associated with our condition report.
Indeed this office will also advise the Client fully on the likely cost of repair works to be undertaken, thereby fully briefing the Client as to the likely total cost of Purchasing and repairing the building to ensure he/she has full budgetary allowances to cover all eventualities. Indeed this information is also invaluable in determining what to bid for the building in the first instance.
BC & Co. Building Surveying wing specialize in House Surveys for prospective purchasers.
This also includes Snag Lists for newly completed housings and indeed all buildings, be they Commercial, Industrial or Residential.

Insurance Claims:

BC & Co can provide our Client with the full service in determining the full costs of settling an Insurance Claim to allow for all repairs caused by any insurance covered risk, be it Fire, flooding, storm damage or break-in.

We will deal directly with the Insurance Co on our Clients behalf, agree the optimum settlement with their appointed Loss Adjusters. Following this, we can Project Manage the carrying out of the repair works, including tendering the works, appointing the best Building Contractor and managing the works through to completion.

Project Management:

As regards, Project Management services, Chartered Surveyors are generally recognized as being ideal candidates to perform this function due to their overall knowledge of the Building Process from inception to completion involving the processes such as Feasibility Studies, Planning Applications, Design Development, Tendering Procedures, Contract Administration, Quality Control, Good relationships between parties including necessary flow and timely delivery of information, etc. etc.
BC & Co, would be typical and indeed highly qualified providers of the Overall Management services in coordinating all of the above services.

Due to our long established involvement in the Building Industry, we have set up associations with many of our fellow Professionals in the industry. These would include Architects, Engineers, Services Consultants, Building Contractors, Specialist Sub-Contractors etc. We are consequentially ideally equipped to assemble the most appropriate and economically advantageous team to deliver a Building Project of Excellence.

Recent/Current Projects Undertaken:

  • Mixed Use Development, Tullamore, Co.Offaly.
    Value: €130,000,000
  • Blarney Hotel, Apartments and Club House.
    Value: €23,000,000
  • Residential development, Baldoyle, North Dublin.
    Value: €163,000,000
  • Port Access Nothern Cross Route -civil (PQS),
    Value: €62,000,000
  • Corrstown Golf Club
    Value: €2,500,000
  • Oriflame, Office Development
    Value: €8,400,000
  • Shankill, Mixed Use Development
    Value: €6,500,000
  • Somerton Golf Club and Residential Development
    Value: €18,900,000
  • Blarney Hotel, Apartments and Club House, Loss Claim
    Value: €23,000,000
  • Carrick-on-Shannon, Mixed Use Development
    Value: €3,500,000
  • Main StreetWexford, Office and Retail Development
    Value: €1,600,000
  • Hill Street, Residential Development
    Value: €7,300,000
  • Mount St Annes, Office Development
    Value: €23,000,000
  • HastingsGarage - Commercial Development
    Value: €3,200,000
  • Clondra - Mixed Use Development
    Value: €6,500,000
  • Port Access Northern Cross Route - Civil Works
    Value: €62,000,000
  • Roseberry - Residential Development
    Value: €8,000,000
  • Ballybrack House - Residential Development
    Value: €1,600,000
  • JohnScottus School- Commercial Development
    Value: €500,000
  • Ballymun Hotel - Mixed Use Development
    Value: €1,800,000
  • Dundalk Crowne Plaza Hotel - Commercial Development
    Value: €1,400,000
  • BlarneyGolf Resort - Mixed Use Development
    Value: €20,000,000